Will Jeffs – Technology Development Manager

Will Jeffs - Technology Development ManagerDuring over 30 years at Cti, Will has become renowned globally for his practical knowledge and experience in all aspects high alloy manufacture and the application of ceramic moulding processes for both conventional materials and reactive alloys in a wide-range of climatic conditions. With an HND in Mineral Process and Material Reclamation, Will has hands-on operating experience of all elements of casting manufacture, managed Cti’s in-house casting operations for many years and was a key member of the team that developed the Replicast® process. In his current role, he has responsibility for promoting licences for all Cti technologies, transferring relevant know-how, and providing ongoing support.  Specifically, he has been part of a team that has commissioned Replicast® facilities around the world.

This has not detracted from conventional foundry assistance and the last few years have seen a sharp increase in the level of assistance offered to member foundries as either their quality requirements have increased, or the alloy difficulty has also increased, sometimes both.