Cti operates from a purpose-built workshop on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire

The workshop is a 5000sqm facility built in 2006 and houses state-of-the-art pattern-making, moulding, and vacuum casting facilities, and is in the process of being extended by 1200sqm to accommodate additional melting capability.

5-axis CNC machining and 3D printing equipment provide the ability to manufacture patterns and moulds to produce one-off and small batches of castings, to supplement the production scale wax pattern presses available for higher volume production.

Three vacuum furnaces capable of melting up to 500kg of duplex steels and titanium, with Europe’s biggest 1000kg Vacuum arc remelting furnace currently being installed. These are complemented by vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

Our accredited metallurgical laboratory, non-destructive testing and metrology departments have facilities to carry out OES, combustion and gas fusion chemical analysis, hardness testing, microstructural examination, sand testing, radiography, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic inspection, CMM and laser scanning.