Vacuum Induction Melting Castings

Cti has a unique facility and extensive experience of melting and casting alloys using vacuum induction melting (VIM).

Our experience encompasses High Strrength Vacuum Cast Steels, Nickel-based super alloys, Nimonics, and Cobalt Chromium Alloys. Such alloys are commonly utilised in aerospace and power generation applications where creep and temperature resistance is paramount.

Customers include leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and power generation sectors, among others.

We also supplied special super alloy hangers to hold beryllium tiles lining the chamber where plasma is formed in the Joint European Torus, which aims to lay the foundations for nuclear fusion to be used as a commercial source of electricity.


We have two ALD Vacuum Induction Melting furnaces, one of which – an ALD VIM-IC40 – is equipped with two interchangeable bodies. This facility gives us the capacity to melt from 45kg up to 90, 250 and 500kg, respectively and produce castings up to 2m3 in volume.

With many VIM casting facilities limited to lower metal weights our facilities give us the capability to make a wider range of products from alloys containing reactive elements.