Hand / Arm Vibration

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a serious and potentially disabling disease caused by exposure to vibrating tools and equipment. It is preventable by reducing the exposure of personnel to below a certain intensity and time. However once it is present, the damage is permanent.

Hand-arm vibration exposure is a significant area for risk management in foundries and any industry which uses vibrating hand tools.

Cti has extensive experience in this area, with involvement ranging from practical risk assessment to research into risk reduction strategies. In 1998, Cti completed an 18-month research project for the Health and Safety Executive on Elimination and Reduction of the Risks of Hand-arm Vibration in the Foundry Industry. This was followed by the co-ordination of the West Midlands Network on HAV Reduction, which involved five SME foundries in considering practical approaches to risk reduction.

How Cti Can Help

Cti understands the needs and limitations of foundries, and aims to provide workable solutions that are holistic in concept. Design, production, quality control and management all have important roles to play in the reduction of HAV in foundries, and as such, personnel in all of these areas should be made aware of their responsibility in the overall HAV reduction strategy of the foundry.

Cti environmental can provide a range of consultancy options that include:

  • HAV Measurement Service.
  • Advice on risk reduction and management.
  • Internal risk assessment training.

We hold UKAS accreditation for many of our COSHH sampling activities. To view the UKAS accreditation schedule please click here.

To discuss any of these services please contact Carl McDonald on c.mcdonald@castingstechnology.com or 0778 755 5163.