Water Sampling

Groundwater Sampling

Cti’s environmental team has many years experience of sampling of groundwater, surface water and ground gases from a range of sources such as boreholes, rivers and streams, lagoons, leachate wells and waste water outlets. Ground gases are typically monitored from borehole taps or, alternatively, we can install ground spikes directly into grounds of interest.

Groundwater, surface water and ground gas monitoring is often undertaken for the purpose of meeting the requirements of IPPC permits or discharge consents, but can also be undertaken as part of a site condition/contaminated land survey.
Cti are able to undertake the comprehensive management of landfill site water and gas monitoring, which can also include periodic monitoring reviews, hydrological risk assessments (HRAs) and topographical surveys.

To discuss these services please contact Carl McDonald via email c.mcdonald@castingstechnology.com or on 0778 755 5163.