H1 Impact Assessment

Cti can undertake H1 assessments using the latest version of the methodology and software tool issued by the Environment Agency.

It is a simple, low cost screening tool that can be used to assess site process contributions against applicable environmental benchmarks, and can be used for a range of aspects such as releases to air and water, land deposition, waste, energy, odour and noise.

H1 assessments can be used to screen out insignificant emissions that do not warrant further investigation, and for releases to air, to help decide whether detailed dispersion modelling is merited. Where a number of different options are available to a site operator, H1 assessments can also be used to appraise and compare the environmental impacts of each.

To discuss this service in more detail, please contact Trevor Halliday on t.halliday@castingstechnology.com or 07787500063

Cti can also perform simple chimney height calculations in accordance with HMIP Technical Guidance Note D1 (Dispersion): Guidelines on Discharge Stack Heights for Polluting Emissions, or the Environment Agency’s IPPC HI Guidance Note: Environmental Assessment and Approval of BAT.