Management Systems

An environmental management system will enable you to meet the considerable environmental obligations placed upon many modern industrial companies. It provides for continued improvement resulting in energy savings, waste cost reductions, lower raw materials consumption and other efficiency savings.

Customers are increasingly asking for Environmental Management Systems from their suppliers as they pursue their goals of corporate and social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Customers and other stakeholders are aware that organisations who use such management systems will be more efficient, professional and sustainable.

Insurers are increasingly relying on Environmental Management systems such as ISO14001 to show the organisations that are less likely to be the object of claims, fines and other fiscal penalties caused by a lack of compliance to legislation.

Companies regularly experience better relationships with regulators when such a system is in place.

Overall, your image is enhanced by good management systems.

Cti have been installing Environmental systems in industrial companies for many years and understand the most efficient ways to get to a point of accreditation. We understand the difficulties industries face and can offer the most effective solutions.

You may decide to implement an accredited system or a less formal one, but either way you can choose the level of input we provide to fit your budget.

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