Chemical Analysis

The chemical structure of the metal is one of the most critical properties needing to be controlled during the production of castings.

It influences all the casting’s physical properties, ranging from the fluidity and castability of the metal when it is poured to the mechanical strength, toughness and corrosion resistance of the finished product.

Meanwhile, many cast alloys have coarse segregated micro and macro structures which themselves pose challenges when it comes to accurately determining their composition.

Our suite of analytical equipment allows us to accurately determine chemical composition.

Cti’s range of equipment within the facility consists of a:

  • Spectro Maxx (Optical Emission Spectrometer, OES)
    • Analysis of solid metal samples of alloy bases Fe, Ni, Cu, Al, Ti & Mg
  • Eltra C & S (Combustion)
    • Analysis of Carbon and Sulphur
  • Eltra O, N & H (Inert Gas Fusion)
    • Analysis of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen content of alloys
  • Spectro Xepos (X-Ray Fluorescence, XRF)
    • Analysis of almost any material solid or liquid

If specific analytical techniques are not available in-house, we have the ability to call on a selection of approved suppliers to further enhance our capabilities.