Testing Capabilities

Cti has extensive knowledge and experience of testing a wide range of metals and alloys, used to make castings and other products. We have a wide range of specialised testing equipment and the flexibility to respond rapidly to specific requirements which an organisation that relied on regular contract testing might not.

The services we offer include manufacturing support, failure investigation, non-destructive testing, microscopic examination and chemical analysis.

Having a laboratory, located within our production scale facilities, working alongside our foundry consultants, means we can provide high levels of practical advice and solve clients problems, based on our own manufacturing experience, in addition to providing straight forward laboratory analysis.

The same is true when it comes to investigating the causes of failures, which could be the result of how they were designed, manufacturing defects, the environment they are operating in or how they are being used.

We have a team of casting specialist, whose vast knowledge of casting processes and alloys, combined with our state of the art testing facilities means we can discover the root causes of failures and how to prevent them in future.

Our team of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) operators have a range of casting and welding-specific qualifications. Cti’s NDT services include ultrasonic testing and X-Ray, magnetic particle and dye-penetrant inspection.

A number of these services can be provided on clients’ own sites.

Microscopic examination is essential to ensure a casting has the correct structure and to identify any defects, while chemical analysis is critical because of the way it affects all the physical properties of a casting.