New Foundry Design

Cti has an unparalleled experience of advising companies that want to build new foundries, expand or redesign their existing facilities.

Our materials expertise ranges from conventional iron and steels to exotic alloys and the full range of non-ferrous metals, including Magnesium, Aluminium and Titanium.

Meanwhile, processes include Green-sand, No-bake, Lost-Foam, Replicast®, Lost Wax, Rapid Prototyping and machined and printed moulds.

At one end of the scale we enabled a small company that had never made castings before to set up a mini foundry in a 500 square metre building producing 300kg of castings a week, using our Replicast® technology.

At the other extreme, we helped a major producer to develop a large scale foundry, capable of making 700 tonnes of castings a week, using chemically bonded (No-bake) sand moulds, made on a special production line.

In addition to providing the engineering design and specification for such plants, we can also offer assistance with Local Authority Environmental applications as part of the service.