Impellers and Diffusers

Impeller Manufacturing for short lead-time, high performance pump castings.

The technologies used enable very short lead times to be achieved, even for one-off castings in the most difficult alloys such as CA6NM; CF8C; CD4MCu; ASTM890-4A, 5A, 6A; 17-4 PH; Ti 6Al-4V; AB2; IN713; IN718; Monel®; Hastelloy®; etc.

Cti’s product testing, inspection and certification facilities are accredited to the highest standards, as are its UKAS laboratories and casting manufacturing operations.

Precision ceramic or sand moulds, produced by rapid manufacturing techniques, can be used to achieve high integrity, net shape castings with exceptional surface quality up to 1 tonne finished weight. Ceramic moulds can be poured in unique vacuum melting systems for castings in special alloys up to 250kg.

Cti exploits the benefits of these technologies by making one-off or multiple impellers with a surface roughness average, Ra, in the range of 3.2  7.6¼m (130 – 300μin) and a dimensional accuracy in the range ISO 8062 DCTG5 DCTG8, up to a diameter of 1.5m or greater. The capability exists to reverse engineer and re-engineer impellers, diffusers and other pump castings.

While Sulzer’s hydraulic engineers must be given some credit for the increase in pump performance due to the re-design of the impeller vanes, a significant amount of credit must clearly go to Cti for their excellent castings.

Jeff West Consulting Hydraulics Engineer at BP, during visit to Cti regarding the performance of the new pumps produced by Sulzer Pumps (UK) Ltd for BPs BTC pipeline.

For further information, please contact Richard Gould, Commercial Manager.