Demand to extend the weight range of near net shape investment castings, while reducing manufacturing costs has led Cti to develop our Repliwax® process.

The process is related to our Replicast® process, but uses a pattern made from liquid wax, which is injected into an aluminium or steel die and allowed to solidify, in the place of expanded polystyrene.

As with Replicast®, the pattern is used to make a ceramic shell which is put in a casting box and surrounded with refractory sand. The sand is compacted on a vibrating table and a partial vacuum is applied to the sand to create a firm support for the shell.

The support provided by the compacted sand means the shell can be thinner and does not require pre-heating, reducing energy costs and safety risks.

Other benefits include an increase in production and reduced certification costs as well as faster turn-around and improved surface finish.