Patternless® Process relied on again by Severn Glocon

“The casting was delivered ahead of schedule and was processed without a problem. These two achievements further confirmed Severn Glocon’s faith in the Patternless® Process”
                                                                                                                                   Alan Homfray, Severn Glocon

Cti were commissioned by Severn Glocon to provide a sand mould for a 12” x 20” 900# LCC Control Valve. The mould for the valve, which was machined directly from resin bonded sand blocks using Cti’s Patternless® technology, was part of a multi-million dollar order destined for the oil refinery in the Middle East. The valve is designed to provide raw gas to flare, controlling upstream pressure it is capable of flows of 3.5 million standard cubic metres of gas per hour to flare. The inlet pressure of 74 barg is reduced to 9 barg to flare through a 30 turn multi-labyrinth noise reduction trim.


Days 1-2  3D definition of valve casting internal geometry


Days 3-5  NC machining of the sand core box and mould cavity from a chemically bonded sand block


Days 7-8  Machined mould and core being assembled


Day 9  Pouring 2700kgs of ASTM A352 LCC steel

Once completed, Norton Cast Products of Sheffield, poured the mould and finished the valve. Severn Glocon were supplied just 22 days after making the order with a valve that met all requirements.  As per customer specification, the valve chemistry and mechanical properties were confirmed by chemical, tensile and sub-zero charpy impact testing.  The casting was inspected 100% using MPI as per ANSI B16: 34 Annex C and Ultrasonics to ANSI B16:34 Annex E. In both cases the specifications were met.

clip_image006Day 22: The finished valve casting weighing 1420kg

“The casting surface finish and integrity was excellent and exceeded the clients
specified quality requirements”
Simon Alexander, Norton Cast Products