MEGAshell® enables the production of huge ceramic shell moulds to deliver the benefits of Replicast® for one-off and low volume castings, of a size and weight much greater than most casting manufacturers would have thought possible.

To date, ceramic moulds with dimensions of up to 2m3 have been manufactured so that heavy section valve castings, weighing several tonnes for example, can be manufactured 34% lighter than the sand cast equivalent.

Machining cost reductions of 50% or more can be achieved, in addition to all the other benefits of the Replicast® process. More than 3500 ceramic moulds have been manufactured by the MEGAshell® technology, demonstrating its capability to meet the market demand for large, near net shape castings, particularly in costly alloys of steel and nickel. Cti has also refined the technology so that it can also be used for reactive alloys of titanium and zirconium.

Cost reductions of 50% or more can be achieved