Additive Layer Manufacture

Cti is at the forefront of precision casting manufacture and utilising the Additive Layer QuickCast® replica pattern making process.

Developing manufacturing processes which have solved supply issues, developed new products or enhance the performance of the end users products. The process is used to produce titanium, super alloy, high alloy steel, super duplex and aluminium cast parts.

Cti can produce precision investment and Replicast® castings in low volumes to full-rate production procurement standards using additive layer manufactured QuickCast® Patterns with sizes up to 2 x 2 x 2m.

Cti is one of the world’s biggest users of the QuickCast® process to produce ceramic moulds for precision casting manufacture. The challenges face by the users of this process to produce high quality investment shells took a considerable amount of time and effort in the early days of implementation. Having the process in-house enabled the expertise to be applied to solve the issues.

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